News on 37250

Looks right for Keith!

Further bodywork on number 1 end is underway. 

All windscreens have been removed to facilitate rust removal and a repaint on the surrounds. The second mans cab side has been replaced and can soon have the glass and interior woodwork replaced. 

Work removing the Transrail Vinyls has been completed and the resultant mess filled and levelled ready for painting into undercoat. 

Keith Buckley continues to strip back the radiator louvres to bare aluminium ready for a repaint.

The cab floor and glass will hopefully be refitted shortly so that the locomotive is fit to run for the 2013 diesel gala in June. The bodywork will be a long way off completed but it will run for the event.  Following the gala the loco will be stopped again for further bodywork and a repaint into BR Freight Metals with completion scheduled for the autumn in time for a couple of gala visits.