News on 20166

With 2014 now upon us we have looked at the year ahead as far as the Wensleydale Railway is concerned.  With the creation of the AHDO and its chair being one of the players within the Wensleydale team we have been able to find suitable dates where clashes are minimal.  The intention is to retain this site as they main point of information and it will be updated on a regular basis.


The 2014 diesel gala will be held on Friday 18th July to Sunday 20th July inclusive.  We are expecting support from at least two main line freight operating companies and in addition expecting the home fleet to take shape in the coming months.  Whilst the bankslip at Akebar is a cause for concern, the organising team are looking at options for the format depending upon what infrastructure is available.


We are also planning a mini-gala on Sat 20 and Sunday 21 September, this will be based around Bedale and that is the location which it is planned to hold the First Wensleydale Railway beer festival. 


In terms of the above we will keep you informed on progress as it happens.


Jerry Dickinson for the WR Diesel Group